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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Confessions to a Jellyfish

I've been wading in these waters for so long that my legs and arms are numb.
Have they fallen off? Am I floating or fighting the waves?
I go under and swallow salt. Choking.
Your unwanted human arms wrap around me and force fed me. Oxygen.

I saw your destruction as I sat in the boat you constructed out of sea-weed for me.
Watching. Weeping. Waiting.

Jellyfish can't drown.
You're still swimming.

Swim to me and I'll keep you safe this time, I swear it.
I am an Octopus.
Let me wrap you up in my octet of arms.
You can sleep there.

Is there a place somewhere that is free from nightmares?
Hallucinations aren't welcome there.
Are the faeries and birds banned?
We can sit on the shore and drink tea.

Will my fertile words paint you a smile?

Hopeful. Bouyant. Hopeless. Fearful.