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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life in Electric Tentacles.

I was swimming out to sea.
My last pleas escaped my salt water chapped lips.
Dying. Reincarnating.

I sank below those merciless tides and into the arms of seaweed.
They strangled me sweetly.

All the waters faded black.
"At last I can sleep!", I cried.
Deep breath. Ink filled my lungs.

A figure swam by my dying form.
My half hearted glance turned into a stare.
A cephalopod. A woman.

Tentacles wrapped around me.
A siren voice singing in my ear.
Electric shocks. A heartbeat.
Limbs shook. Veins pumped.
Life forcing itself back in.

Our tentacles tangled and we danced along the sea floor.
For a moment the ocean stood still.
The only sound made was of whispered promises.

I tore open my chest and produced three hearts.
Water turned blue with blood.
We exchanged hearts.
Connected. Bonded.

I was swimming out to sea.
To die. To be reborn.